Media Relations

Our niche is helping manufacturers reach the journalists, editors, bloggers, analysts, and broadcast producers that create content for audiences that are interested in current and leading edge technology, electronics, accessories and related solutions.

We pitch and have relationships with media outlets that provide content for the following sectors:

Consumer | Enterprise | Government | Security | Military | Mobile Tech | Broadcast | Pro A/V |  MI

Our reach is global and includes the United States, Canada, and Europe.

We have frequent and daily communications with the press from these sectors, and we can create press coverage and “Action” for you virtually on the spot. We utilize IGC PR’s proprietary database of media contacts, whom are focused on providing technology related content, and we use this list to do fully targeted media relations campaigns. We customize all correspondences depending on the product, and gear them towards the audience that the media outlet is catering to. We take great care to respect the journalists, editors, bloggers, analysts, and broadcast producers and their workload. Segments of the database are surveyed as to actual interests, so we can try to alleviate problems that may arise from sending communications that waste a journalists valuable time. With respect to pitching stories, we have 15 years experience working in media and understand the industry from all sides, and we take our clients’ products and services very seriously. In fact, so seriously that we may be likened to an extension of the sales staff, understanding the benefits and value of what the client is offering and how it fits into the marketplace, and how it is unique when compared to competitors.